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And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears” – Mark Anthony, The Beautiful Truth

Born in Berlin, Lucille was raised in Germany, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, blessed with parents and siblings who wanted to see the world. In a fateful contrast however, her intrepid parents weren’t so open to “that awful modern music” at the time, and raised the family on folk, gospel and classical music they could learn themselves.

Lucille explains, “Instead of consuming music by radio or records, we created and learnt our own. My exposure to modern music was via the school bus radio in rural NZ – I still love some of those late 80s hit songs to this day”, she says laughing. Together with her three siblings, Lucille would sing, play instruments and perform songs in four-part harmonies to whomever would listen, and it is here that she discovered an enduring love for creating music.

Having misread this smouldering love as just a mere flirtation for a long time, Lucille has only recently emerged from a full-time white collar professional background that left her on the one hand successful, but on the other uninspired and unfulfilled.

She may be a late bloomer to a career in music, but Lucille is no ingénue – the delay beneficial to both her sense of self and the real world experiences that pour through into her music. Lucille has emerged from a slow metamorphosis as an inspirator; fierce, strong and determined.

Whilst the spiritual, gospel and folk elements that formed her formative years make her feel most at home, like her heritage, Lucille as a musician is genre fluid; the songs themselves informing the direction they take. For Lucille, it is about the music and the story, sharing experiences, emotions and beliefs. A classic introvert, it is Lucille’s songs that do the talking, her music the medium for connection.

Lucille calls Australia home.

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